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Planning is hard. Let us help.

We understand that planning an event can be extremely overwhelming. Whether choosing a location, coordinating speakers or facilitating registration, the list of to-do’s is seemingly endless.. At iPlanIt Meetings, we offer a personal approach to event planning, taking the time to get to know you and understand your needs and vision. Our goal is to act as an extension of your team, ensuring your conference runs seamlessly from start to finish.

Pen on Paper

Site Selection & Contract Negotiations

  • We research cities, hotels or both based on your direction.
  • We do the research, put out an RFP on your behalf, collect and organize responses.
  • This information is presented to you and collaboratively or with your decision-making team, we narrow things down, do more research as needed or more forward to the selection and decision. 
  • We can set up a site visit for you and accompany you, if desired.
  • Once you have made a decision, we will negotiate the contract on your behalf to get you the best package and value then forward the contract to you for review and signature. 
  • This is a huge time saver for you… especially if you are looking into more than one city.  We do all the research, manage the responses and handle venue communication while you maintain complete control of the decision-making process.
Reports and charts

Conference Budgeting

In collaboration with clients, we will prepare a detailed budget for the conference that supports the established financial goals.

Major expense categories typically include detailed line items for the following areas:
  • Food & Beverage
  • Venue fees
  • Audio Visual
  • Internet / Technology needs and requirements
  • Exhibitor Services
  • Registration
  • Hosted Travel
  • Marketing (website, graphics, ads, promotions, printing fees, signage, PR, etc.)
  • Additional expenses such as gifts, giveaways, security, and speaker fees
  • Conference Management Services
Major income categories typically include detailed line items for the following areas:
  • Sponsorship
  • Registration
Once budget is approved, work to control costs and advise clients of any opportunities to reduce costs.
  • Monitor and track all expenses related to the conference throughout the preparation and actual duration of the event, and notify clients if the budget is not on pace to be met for any reason.
  • Offer proactive, timely suggestions to meet budgeted goals
  • Conduct monthly budget tracking and prepare status reports for review by client reports to include budget vs. actual, revised budget projections, balance sheets and a final profit and loss financial statement
  • Conduct a complete and thorough review of all vendor bills and invoices to ensure accuracy. Once approved/confirmed, the client will be responsible for ALL vendor payments as well as services, supplies or materials ordered

Online Registration & Housing

  • Create fully integrated, customized database for online registration
  • Provide customer support with toll-free phone number with event specific extension and email support
  • Customize registration website for various registration categories such as corporate exhibitor, speaker, attendee, student, etc. 
  • Manage pricing in accordance with registration type or date of registration (early, standard, late/on-site, corporate, non-profit, etc.) and group discounts
  • Track all attendee contact information including dietary and ADA/special needs
  • Customized fields created to support the demographic information you need to obtain
  • Collect registration for any additional banquet, tours, offsite or special events
  • Track answers to required questions before accepting payment
  • Use of unlimited promo/discount codes to manage special pricing and registration limits and comps
  • Provide tickets for events, workshops or sessions
  • Utilize your own merchant account to accept credit card payments
  • Track payments in accordance with payments accepted and policies 
  • Track all balance dues and send reminder invoices
  • Provide personalized instant email confirmations with link to print invoice
  • Provide information and link to hotel room reservation instructions
  • Capability for attendees to modify registration to add courses, tours, etc.
  • 24/7 access to password-protected real-time registration reports
  • Provide final registration reports
Phone Headset

Customer Service for Attendee Registration

iPlanIt will provide a toll free phone number and email address to handle inquiries. In addition, a real time online chat support is available during business hours.

Included with all registration packages:
  • Phone answering service available Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, MT.
  • Emailing of confirmations
  • Answering emails received from an event-personalized email address
  • Entering any changes into the database, as needed
  • Redirecting non-registration-related inquiries to a pre-identified contact
  • Store hard copy data entry records for the duration of the event and shred records, or ship records to clients post event
Mobile Phone

Registration Reporting

iPlanIt will build a password-protected registration site available 24/7 and provide real-time data. The registration system can provide an unlimited number of reports, including, but not limited to:

  • Summary Report of Numbers Registered and Income Collected
  • Weekly Registration Comparison
  • Transaction Detail Reports
  • Breakdowns Based on Attendee Type
  • Individual Course/Session/Workshop Registrations
  • Offsite/Special Activity Registrations
  • Attendee Type with Session/Workshop Registrations
  • Opt-In Reports
  • ADA Requirements
  • Dietary Needs

For individuals who do not need access to the full report site, we can send a password-protected email link to specific reports. These can be a one-time send or sent on a scheduled basis (i.e., Thursday each week).

Open Laptop

Conference & Event Logistics

iPlanIt recommends conference planning meetings or conference calls on a consistent basis, based on a mutually agreed-upon schedule. This will maximize communication between the iPlanIt team and the client. We can manage and distribute the conference call agenda as well as provide meeting minutes with action items following each call.

  • Act as the main point of contact for the venue, all vendors and logistic items relative to the Conference
  • Prepare RFP and solicit bids for computer, tours/special events, spouse/guest program and other miscellaneous needs, make a recommendation for selection and negotiate contract with selected vendors
  • Excluding programming content, iPlanIt can assist and consult with the overall conference schedule to ensure a variety of formats to appeal to versatile learning styles.
  • Coordinate all pre-planning logistics and all operational aspects with hotel and vendors
  • Negotiate and secure any changes in function space
  • Coordinate all food and beverage needs to secure the best possible meal packages at the highest value and ensure menu selection meets all dietary and budgetary criteria
  • Put out an RFP for best packages and pricing with an audio visual provider. Consider both in-house venue and outside options based on venue policies. Once selected, coordinate all audio/visual requirements as the point of contact for the conference
  • Create comprehensive event specifications guide for hotel, vendors and on-site staff
  • Design and ensure printing of all signage (printing costs are separate)
  • Research, order and assist with attendee gifts/tote bags
  • Conduct final hotel and vendor bill reconciliation
  • Prepare Event Wrap-Up Report
Conference Center

Exhibitor & Sponsor Management

  • Prepare RFP and negotiate decorator and shipping contracts, if needed
  • Work with venue or exhibit vendor to ensure proper set up and services for exhibitors including shipping
  • Design exhibit layout
  • Assign space after commitments are made
  • Develop exhibitor service instructions with decorator/hotel
  • Produce all exhibitor and sponsor invoices, track payments, send reminders and manage collections for those past due to minimize balances due by the conference start
  • Provide all communications to committed exhibitors and sponsors regarding conference details and information to ensure a positive and successful conference experience in both the planning phase and onsite
  • Collect logos and ensure acknowledgment of sponsors in appropriate materials
  • Manage accuracy of exhibitor and sponsor benefits and deliverables
  • Ensure all sponsors and exhibitors have made the appropriate registration arrangements for their onsite representatives
  • Sponsor/exhibitor online survey issued post conference to assess feedback
Person on tablet and computer

Online Call For Presentations

We can create a customized site designed to accept and manage online abstract/paper submissions and presentations. This software has the following capabilities:

  • Develop a custom online submission form designed to meet and enforce specification as set by the client 
  • Create customized confirmation of submission and/or revisions that will automatically be sent via email
  • Assign user ID’s and passwords for online submission review
  • Ability to upload papers and classify by type or topic
  • Allow authors to make their own updates and revisions online until the submission deadline
  • Close ability to submit new papers according to the deadline dates
Conference Speech

Speaker Management

  • Prepare speaker agreement/contract once paper is reviewed and accepted
  • Develop an effective method to confirm speaker’s commitment and ability to be present at the conference
  • Strong communication plan to regularly check on speaker’s progress in making travel arrangements
  • Assist in establishing guidelines for audio-visual needs
  • Communicate guidelines and coordinate speaker audiovisual needs
  • Collect and duplicate handouts and ensure proper quantities for sessions
  • Prepare or track speaker travel and hotel needs
  • Coordinate airport meet and greet ground transportation service for speakers
Event Registration booth

On-Site Management & Event Staffing

On-site services would provide you with the following:

  • Manage registration on site, to include overseeing staff and/or volunteers
  • Manage distribution of conference materials at registration
  • Prepare, print and organize name badges
  • Determine the number of volunteers needed onsite and coordinate tasks
  • Schedule and communicate with all volunteers
  • Train and oversee all volunteers on-site
  • Manage all logistical aspects of the conference
  • Oversee all arrangements made in the pre-conference stage and ensure proper execution in these areas
  • Be responsible for assigning, ensuring and managing coverage of all necessary areas
  • Manage and oversee outside vendors and services
  • Be a point of contact for the sponsors/hotel or venue staff, volunteers, third-party vendors, exhibitors and the association
Office Workers

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Our Virtual & Hybrid Meeting solution is accessible on any web-enabled device, including mobile devices and tablets.

Our technology serves as the virtual platform AND the mobile app, serving the virtual participant, the in-person attendee and allows for easy engagement and interactivity.

The following features are included:
  • Interactive Agenda – filter/sort by date, track, tag or by individual preference or selection only
  • Exhibit Hall
  • Biographies – i.e., Speaker Directory
  • Presentation Module – could be used for Posters
  • Resources – can also be used as an option for Posters
  • Polling
  • Upvoter – different polling/voting version
  • Attendee Hub – Essentially Attendee directory
  • Feedback – i.e., surveys
  • Twitter – live feed
  • Chat / Forum can be used as networking, lounges

Our Virtual & Hybrid Conference Platform is fully customized and designed based on your event-specific requirements. This turn-key process includes the build, the production and the reporting. This will be managed by iPlanIt using a licensed software platform and/or the software platform provider’s design team under the direction of iPlanIt.


CPE Certification, Post Conference Evaluations & Reporting

CPE/CEU/CE Certification

  • iPlanIt can coordinate the certificate tracking and distribution in accordance with Association or accrediting entity requirements.
  • Following the conference, iPlanIt will email qualifying attendees with a link to their personalized CPE certificates that can be saved or printed by the individual.

Post Conference Evaluations

  • iPlanIt can create an online conference evaluations for breakout sessions and/or overall conference through our mobile app or a stand alone process.
  • iPlanIt’s service includes compilation of results, final reports for manual surveys and online outcomes are easily available in real time reporting.

Post Event Reporting

  • iPlanIt will provide a final post-event report will give you valuable insight as to end results of your event.  This report will help in effectively planning for future events.
  • The Post event report can include data and analytics for the following areas: number of attendees, demographics, review of sponsor and exhibitor numbers, recap of sponsorship programs and packages, financial overview of expenses, income and net revenue and key highlights to summarize lessons learned leading into suggestions for future years.
  • Having all of the data in one place can show trends as well as giving you easy access to the event’s history.
Office Workers

Association Management

Office Management/Administration
  • Provide office management and member services as needed at headquarters
  • Provide mail, email and telephone services
  • Maintain toll-free customer service phone line and specific email addresses for member/registration inquiries
  • Respond and/or route correspondence and telephone calls within 1 business day
  • Maintain records, files and archives and inventory of contents
  • Maintain specific working supplies and inventory and make purchases as necessary with pre-approved funds
  • Maintain a Master calendar of events internally for members as well as the chapters
  • Chapter Leadership is responsible for submitting a schedule for the upcoming year based on timelines
  • Throughout the current calendar year, revisions to the calendar will be updated according to agreed upon schedule
Member Services
  • Liaison between Chapters and Executive Committee
  • Maintain close contact with chapters by use of standardized quarterly reports
  • iPlanIt will represent the chapter to champion any concerns or challenges to the Executive Committee
  • Provide member communication services
  • Respond to telephone and mail inquiries within 24 hours
  • Maintain and update membership marketing materials i.e. membership packet
  • Assist in the implementation of any membership promotion plans
  • Conduct member survey upon request and provide reports to appropriate committees and board
Board/Committee Support
  • Attend and participate in Executive Committee meetings
  • Provide reports regarding membership, chapter activities and other designated or requested business
  • Participate in committee specific or board specific conference calls, as needed
  • Act as consultant to Chapter Leaders and Committees with regards to policies and procedures
  • Maintain legal records of Society
  • Support the plans of the board, committees and task forces
  • Provide guidance and input in Strategic Planning decisions
  • Be familiar with nonprofit laws and policies to ensure compliance with standard practices and the maintenance of nonprofit status
Example of Society or Committee Support Areas
  • Communications – Blast emails, newsletters and Social Media 
  • Sponsorships – devise sponsorship plan
  • Programs and Chapter Events – provide support for educational programs and special events
  • Website Management
Accounting/Financial Services
  • Offer support and consultation to the Treasurer  
  • Manage a financial accounting system via QuickBooks
  • Prepare, mail and collect income from meetings, advertising, sponsorship, and all revenue sources
  • Re-bill past due invoices to minimize the overdue payments and ensure a clean accounts receivable ledger
  • Monitor all payments to ensure they align with approved budgets and make payments accordingly
  • Ensure adherence to Check Signature Policy
  • Maintain all financial records including invoices, receipts and reports
  • Maintain Credit/Debit cards
  • Budget preparation assistance
  • File annual reports as required with state and IRS
  • Maintain file of contracts to insure proper signatures on contracts
  • Create, send and archive all meeting notices, agendas and minutes
  • Act as consultant with regards to Bylaws and Policies and Procedures
  • Maintain, update and manage documentation for Bylaws and Policies and procedures
  • Ensure compliance of Society Bylaws and Policies and Procedures
  • Maintain legal records of Society
  • Oversee and ensure compliance with the Leadership terms, elections and end of term processes
  • Ensure and oversee actions pertaining to filing of reports and taxes

“Stacey, Thank you for all your excellent service prior to and during the conference.”


International Director

“You did an awesome job and I supplied that feedback as did most everyone else.   You are very easy to work with.  Thanks again for all your help.”


Conference Chair & Executive Secretary on Executive Board

“Online solutions are just so cool - love having all this info at our fingertips! Thank you!!”

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